Japanese Abs Exercise:Does the Japanese Ab Exercise Work | Japanese Towel Stretch – Japanese Method to Lose Weight With a Towel:Validate on TV

Japanese Abs Exercise:Does the Japanese Ab Exercise Work

Japanese Abs Exercise:Does the Japanese Ab Exercise Work

Japanese Abs Stretch:Japanese Ab Exercise With Towel

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Let’s cure the bone distortion of your neck and the hardness of your neck!

chronic neck stiffness and pain, the root cause of stiff shoulders! ↓ “the back of the neck is pressed for 5 seconds”and the distortion of the neck has been corrected! Pain will be lighter!

 ↓ Please press the back partof the neck strongly. Feeling very good!

Feel this feeling and effect.

(* ‘▽’ *)Wow♪Symptoms of chronic back of neck pain, neck stiffness and pain are quickly alleviated!

I strongly pressed and realized the effect!〜・゚

Symptoms appear in places other than the neck The characteristic of “hiding cause” is distortion of the neck!

〜Pushing the back of the neck makes you feel comfortable instantly〜・゚

①Place fingers of both hands behind the neck,

②Please keep pressing firmly with your fingertips.

③After five seconds, remove both hands from the neck once。

④Repeat this operation 2 to 5 times。

When you can not feel the effect, ↓ better way

①Place both fingers behind the neck and push hard on the neck.

②Face the face to the left, after 3 seconds return to the original position. Repeat this operation several times.

③While turning to the right this time, after 3 seconds return to the original position. Repeat this operation several times.

Since the neck is a path of nerves, if you adjust the distortion of the neck, pain of 10 years clears up neatly!

【Verification by Japanese TV news】 Towel Neck Exercise introduction with recommended information

【Japanese Television Broadcasting】Recommended information on neck pain prevention law introduces of the Neck towel exercise! Smartphone countermeasure, caster other studio talk

【Japanese Television】 90% of Japanese are reserve forces. Reserve troops will increase on smartphones. Towel neck exercise introduction, simple prevention law stretch, studio demonstration talk


♪ relieve neck stiffness and pain with a neck towel exercise

In modern times the rigidity and pain in the neck are increasing

Because human beings are upright bipedal walking, a heavy load is applied to the backbone. Especially the neck bone is located at the tip of the backbone.

Moreover, since it keeps supporting a heavy head, it is a vital point which causes troubles and distortion of the neck, causing trouble.

Distortion of the neck bones strains nerves and blood vessels. Then the muscles atrophy and stiffen → blood circulation gets worse → causing bad condition of the body …

At first, symptoms such as tiredness and sagging become matter of concern,

It can be said that the action is the instinct trying to correct muscle firmness and bone distortion.[Takarajima] Neck pain disappears! Illness cures! A wonderful neck towel exercise!

It can be said that the cause of neck stiffness, neck pain is related to neck bone distortion.

Are you turning or moving your neck when you keep on the same posture for a long time or when you are tired?

It can be said that the brain that felt muscle stiffness and bone distortion sends a command and is an instinct that is trying to correct distortion.

The following actions are body distortion! Have you done it unconsciously?

① turn the neck, twist left and right

② Turn arm or shoulder, move up and down

③ twist your body, bend forward, backward bend

④ Raise your arm, extend your body

⑤ extend the neck, back and waist

⑥ lie down

The characteristic of the hiding cause that the symptom appears in places other than the neck is neck trouble!

The Or neck stiffness and pain is cured! Towel neck exercise![Takarajima] Neck pain disappears! Illness cures! A wonderful neck towel exercise!

Pushing on the cervical spine 7 in the neck, back of neck pain will recover soon !!

Neck and shoulder pain, pain behind the neck · cervical spondylosis · neck hernia · best treatment for neck pain.

neck and shoulder pain, pain behind the neck· neck towel exercise!· How to relieve neck pain.

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Neck and shoulder pain, pain behind the neck, pain in the neck muscles, Best treatment for neck pain at home.

Immediate effect of surprise! Towel Neck Exercise!

Symptom improvement examples introduced in health magazines

exercises for seniors printable.

exercises for seniors over 70.

exercises for seniors at home.

exercises for seniors sitting.

japanese stretching exercises.

Body flexibility check

Towel neck exercise enhances body flexibility. Let’s check the flexibility of the body before doing.

Things to prepare Please prepare a chair where the backrest will not move, and two towels.

① Connect two corners of two towels together.

And put the towel on both shoulders through the back of the neck.

② Hold one end with the right shoulder and the other end with the left hand.

③ Turn the left hand towel behind the body and bring it to the right side.

④ Hold both ends strongly and lower it.

⑤ Tie firmly vertically.

Point 1

At this time, let’s move the intersection of the towel up so that it is near the base of the neck. (If you can not reach it, raise it with a hanger etc.)

If the intersection of the towel is hitting the base of the neck OK.

Point 2

You can firmly fix it by firmly lowering the end of the towel tied down.

Next connect the ends of the two towels and about 10 cm below the waist, wrap the towel tightly around the base of the thigh.

The position of the base of the thigh can be known by bending the knee.

Goldfish movement exercise

Lie down facing down with the towel wrapped around the shoulder and waist.

Put the towel under the face.

Neck swing exercise Let’s do it 20 times left and right

Tilt the head slowly to the right with the chin as the fulcrum.

Return to the original position and tilt to the left. Do this exercise 20 times.

Goldfish movement exercise    Make 20 round trips to the left and right

Bend both knees to about 90 degrees, tilt your feet to the left side, and tilt the head to the right side.

Tilt your feet to the right this time and tilt your head to the left.

Return it to its original position and make it one round trip. I do this 20 round trips.

Towel exercise while doing

While doing housework and work.

Distortion of the cervical spine and thoracic vertebrae will be corrected while watching TV.

Distortion of the cervical spine and thoracic vertebrae is corrected while doing housework and work.

It is best to start around 10 minutes and gradually increase time. But do not do it when you sleep.

While walking

While doing towel walking is comfortable (you can not see the towel if you wear a coat)


important point

There are individual differences in the state of the neck and the degree of symptoms, and the number is a guide only.

If you feel dizzy when you turn the neck or knock down, stop the towel movement and restart after discomfort such as dizziness has subsided.

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Towel Neck Exercise【Basic】Video

★ Towel Neck Stretches 【Trial version】Video

Is your neck OK? Who has a habit of turning his neck or shaking it to the side?

【Diagnosis】 Are you unconsciously turning the neck or tilting it?

There is no severe pain in the neck, but if there is somewhat discomfort, you will try to relax your muscles by moving your neck and get a refreshing feeling.

This is a self-healing function. The habit of putting your hand on your neck is instinct trying to ease the stiffness of your muscles.

What if the hands with luggage are always the same?

【Diagnosis】 When hands to have with baggage are always the same, the balance of the left and right muscles tends to collapse.

Especially when you always have heavy things with the same hand, only the muscles of that side are trained.

Also, if the shoulder bag is always on the same side, you may have a habit of raising your shoulder.

As the balance of the muscles gets worse, the balance of the bones will collapse accordingly, so it can be said that the degree of discomfort in the neck is high.

Do you turn the shoulder or move it up and down?

【Diagnosis】 Rotating, lifting, lowering, massaging the shoulder is a movement to relax by moving hard muscles and improve blood circulation.

Shoulder muscles tend to be nervous. The hardness of the neck causes poor blood circulation, and the nerve is squeezed.

If you have a severe hard shoulder, there is a cause to hide in the cervical spine.

Is it painful to look back at the back?

【Diagnosis】 If you find it difficult to turn your body, there is something wrong with the spine. If it is difficult to move your neck, it is quite serious!

If there is abnormality on your neck, pain and discomfort are likely to occur around your body. As you can improve it, please start exercising your neck towel exercise!


Is hand height different when doing Banzai?

【Diagnosis】When raising your hand, the difference in height on the left and right is due to the fact that the height of the shoulder is different on the left and right, or only one shoulder is solidified.

When the height of the shoulder is obviously different, since the bones are fixed in the left and right imbalanced state, the possibility that the balance of the neck bone has collapsed is great!

Is there a deviation when placing the ruler on the center of the face?

【Diagnosis】When placing a ruler straight on the face, is there eyelash eye, nose head, lip center, jaw tip, center of clavicle on a straight line?

If the center of the face is straight, it is safe for a while. Then how about the whole body? It would be nice to ask someone to take a picture in an upright position.

Let’s apply a ruler to the center of the face, the center of the clavicle, the navel, the crotch, and the center of both feet. It seems there is a problem in the neck if it is not straight.

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Japanese Towel Stretches Exercises – Validate on TV

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