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Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba – Demon Slayer Manga Chapter

【2020.11.16 update】


Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba~Free Read Online Manga



Summary of contents of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (animation / manga)

“Kimetsu no Yaiba” is a manga work by “Koyoharu Gotouge”.

It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from the 11th issue of 2016 to the 24th issue of 2020, and was animated by ufotable production in 2019.

The stage is the Taisho era. The eldest son of the charcoal-grilled house, “Tanjiro Kamado,” went to the town to sell charcoal, but when he returned home, his family was murdered by someone.

And the younger sister “Nezuko” who survived alone becomes a demon.

“Tanjiro” joins the demon hunting organization “Ogre Killing Corps” after rigorous training in order to return his sister to humans and to avenge his murdered family.

A Japanese-style dark fantasy that depicts the harsh death battle of “Tanjiro” and friends with demons.


The highlight of Volume 1 of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (animation / manga)

Sister who became a demon
Full concentration breathing
Final selection



Sister who became a demon

One snowy day, “Tanjiro” goes down to the town to sell charcoal as usual.

By the time I got home, it was deep at night, and on the way back to my house in the mountains, “Old Saburo” stopped me saying, “Because a demon will appear, stay overnight.”
Although “Tanjiro” thinks that there is no demon, he asks him to stay at home and heads home at dawn.

In the morning, when “Tanjiro” arrives at home, he finds “Nezuko” and “Rokuda” who collapse in front of the house.
When “Tanjiro” rushed to the house, he saw a miserable family …

Only “Nezuko” was still warm, so “Tanjiro” carried “Nezuko” on his back and hurried to the doctor.

However, the “Nezuko” on his back suddenly screams like a beast and turns into a demon.



“Tanjiro” attacked by the demon “Nezuko” …
He keeps calling “Nezuko” hard, “Don’t be a demon, do your best!”

“Nezuko” who should have become a demon to “Tanjiro” who calls, sheds tears.

A swordsman appeared there and tried to slash the neck of “Nezuko”, so “Tanjiro” immediately protected “Nezuko”.
“Tanjiro” asks the man, whose job is to kill the demon, not to kill his sister.



However, the man robs “Nezuko” and says “Tanjiro” who just helps.

“The vulnerable have no rights or options.”
Then pierce the “Nezuko” with a sword.

“Tanjiro” attacks a man to help “Nezuko” but is fainted.

When “Nezuko” saw it, he waved the man’s hand and showed a protective action rather than eating it from the source of “Tanjiro”.

The man felt that the two might be different.


A man who called himself “Tomiokagi Yu” to “Tanjiro” who woke up left behind telling him to visit an old man named “Urokodaki Sakonji”.


Full concentration breathing



Encountered “scales” and began rigorous training to become a “demon slaughter corps” in order to protect “Nezuko”.

“Tanjiro” has improved his physical strength through daily training, and his nose has become sharper than before.

On the other hand, “Nezuko” kept sleeping and did not open his eyes even after half a year.

After a year of training, “Tanjiro” is said to have no more teaching from “Urokodaki” and is taken to a large rock.

He said that if he could cut this rock, he would allow him to go to the final selection, and since then there has been no training for “Tanjiro”.



“Tanjiro” is impatient because he cannot cut the rock even half a year after that.
The children “Sabito” and “Makomo” appear there.

“Sabito” will teach practice, and “Makomo” will teach “Tanjiro” about full-concentration breathing.

Six months after receiving the teachings of the two, the blade of “Tanjiro” reached “Sabito” for the first time on that day and was able to win.

Then “Sabito” and “Makomo” disappeared, and the “Tanjiro” sword, which should have cut the face of “Sabito”, was cutting that big rock …



Final selection

The pass condition for the final selection is to survive for 7 days in the space where the demons are trapped.

“Tanjiro” finally sets foot on the exam.

In the final selection, he meets a large demon who is said to have been caught by “scales”.

The demon had killed all the disciples of Rakutaki who had come to the final selection in the past because of the grudge against “scales”.

And “Tanjiro” learns that “Sabito” and “Makomo” were also disciples of “Scales” killed by this demon …

“Tanjiro” is attacked by a demon, but he sees a “thread of gap” and slashes at the demon’s neck.



Demon Slayer Japanese:Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga Japanese~Japanese Manga Books


The highlight of Volume 2 of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (animation / manga)

Awakening of “Nezuko”
Encounter with “Oni Mai Tsuji Miserable”


Awakening of “Nezuko”

The appearance of “Tanjiro” slashing at the demon’s neck overlaps with “Urokodaki”, and the memory of the past revives in the demon who just waits for death.

“Tanjiro” gently grasps the disappearing hand of the demon who tears back when he thinks he has become a demon and killed his brother, and hopes that he will not become a demon the next time he is born.

“Tanjiro”, who survived the final selection after the battle, took a step forward as a sword.



When I return to “Scales”, “Nezuko” who should have been sleeping for a long time wakes up.

“Tanjiro” who reunites and sheds tears and “Urokodaki” also hugs them and sheds tears.



Under “Tanjiro”, a person who hits the “Tanjiro” sword called “Haganezuka” appears.

When “Tanjiro” picked up the Nichirinto, which is said to change color depending on the owner, the sword was dyed jet black.

The first work as a demon hunter is told to “Tanjiro” who received the sword.

“Tanjiro” left “scales” and headed to the town to explore the girl who disappears every night.


Encounter with “Oni Mai Tsuji Miserable”


While searching for the disappeared girl, he encounters a demon with a different ability who uses a special technique called “Kekkijutsu”.

The demon was only aiming at the young girl.

“Tanjiro” struggles with a demon who fights as if one demon splits into three and dives into the ground or walls.



“Tanjiro”, who split into two hands and sneaked into a swamp in the ground, cuts the necks of two demons with the breath of water in a disadvantageous situation.

“Tanjiro” tells the remaining one who has driven in when he returns to the ground to talk about “Kibutsuji Muzan”.

However, as soon as he heard the name, the demon began to tremble and said, “I can’t say it.”

I slashed the demon’s neck that started rampaging, and in the end I couldn’t hear anything …

In Naka Asakusa, “Tanjiro” happens to meet “Kibutsuji Muzan” who killed his family and turned “Nezuko” into a demon.



Therefore, “Tanjiro” declares that he will definitely cut his head against “Muzan” who lived in the middle of human beings.

“Tanjiro” will cooperate with Tamashii “Tamayo” and “Yushiro” who met in Asakusa to make a medicine to return the demon to humans.

Two demons who say “Junikizuki” appear there …


Summary of Volumes 1 and 2 of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (anime / manga)

How was it?

We have summarized the contents of Volumes 1 and 2 of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (anime / manga)


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demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba.kimetsu no yaiba manga.demon slayer manga.manga read chapters.
japanese.nezuko.tanjiro.zenitsu.does demon slayer have a season 2.
online manga.comic kimetsu no yaiba manga.where to read demon slayer manga.kimetsunoyaiba.manga download.anime.
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